Daniel Majling: The Emotions, Discomposure And Food For Thought

Born in 1980 in Revúca. He studied drama theory at The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He works as a script editor for Slovak National Theater. So far, he has published a comic book titled Rudo [Rudo] (2015) and a collection of short stories, Ruzká klazika [The Ruzzian Clazzic] (2017). “I’m very keen on Russian classic works,” he says. “I can’t say whether they’re more important to me than the French or English ones but they indeed are important. It’s ambivalent, though. Something about them is very appealing to me […], they even fascinate me […], but they are sometimes irritating as well […]. Anyway, the emotions I feel when reading the Russian classics, the discomposure and food for thought, are very inspiring.”