Gökçenur Ç.: With All the Words on the Back

One of the most controversial poetic voices of contemporary Turkish literature. Born in Istanbul in 1971, still living there, he studied electrical engineering and business administration at Istanbul University. His distinctive poetry covers lyric poetry, songs, poems in prose and pamphlets. He has published in magazines since the age of 19 and debuted with a book 16 years later. His poetry texts have been collected in five books, such as Kitabın El Kitabı [Handbook for Every Book], Söze Mezar [Grave of the Word], Sırtında Bunca Sözcükle [With All the Words on the Back], Doğanın Ölümü [Death of Nature]. He translates the books of American writers Wallace Stevens and Paul Auster into Turkish, and he also recast the Japanese haiku anthology. He makes a living as an engineer.