Standa Biler: There Is Hope

Born in 1982 in Nízký Jeseník. He studied sociology, intercultural relations and European studies at Masaryk University in Brno. He worked as a script editor for TV Česká televize and as a clerk in The Public Defender of Rights office. He is a co-founder of the political movement Žít Brno. He contributed to the guidebook To je Brno [This is Brno] (2017). He wrote a novel with the title Nejlepší kandidát [The Best Candidate] (2017). “There is a hope that the new generation withstands the old one’s yearning for normalization lethargy, and in some ten years, the young will steamroller the old. Because this normalization is already happening. The world seems too complicated to older people so they want to go back to where everything was simple and placid. They would readily give up a chunk of their personal freedom in exchange for order and discipline.”