Tarik Tufan: Where We Are Not at Home

A prose writer, an essayist, a screenwriter, born in 1973 in Istanbul, where he studied philosophy and sociology at university. The writer of the action series Mahles, and the film drama Yozgat Blues, which won the main prize at the most prestigious Turkish international film festival in Adana. He has published seven books, such as Hayal Meyal [Imagination], Shanzelize Düğün Salon [Champs-Élysées Wedding Salon], and the book of essays Bir Adam Girdi Şehre Koşarak [One Man Ran into the City]. “For years, I have been writing stories of foreigners who have come face to face with local people and customs. Whatever it is, I always follow a very personal line, I am interested in searching for myself, the striving effort to find again what disappears little by little when one becomes insecure about life,” says Tufan about his work.