Tuna Kiremitçi: The Aerodynamics of a Flying Carpet

A prose writer, a poet, a musician, a composer, born in 1973, a native of Eskişehir. He began with poetry and received the Yunus Nabi Award for the collection of poems Ayabakanlar [Moon Watchers]. He studied filmmaking at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, made several short films, his first feature film, Adını Sen Koy [Name Him Yourself], appeared in cinemas in 2009. He played and sang in the rock band Kumdan Kaleler [Sand Castles], released a solo album Kendi Halinde [Laid-Back Guy], founded a rock band named Atlas. Among his 10 novels are Git Kendini Çok Sevdirmeden [Leave Before I Fall In], Bu İste Bir Yalnızlık Var [Way Of Loneliness] – made into a film five years ago, A.Ş.K. Neyin Kısaltması? [What Does the Abbreviation L.O.V.E. Mean?], Selanik’te Sonbahar [Autumn in Thessaloniki], or Uçan Halıların Ayrodinamik Sorunları [Aerodynamic Problems of Flying Carpets].