Victoria Amelina: Only Literature

A writer, the author of two successful novels and a children´s book. She was born in 1986 in Lvov, at fourteen she emigrated with her family to Canada, but later she has returned to Ukraine. After finishing her degree in computer sciences, she spent, in her own words, “alien thirteen years” building a career in international hi-tech business. Since 2015, when her first book Синдром листопаду, або Homo Compatiens (The November Syndrom: about Homo Compatiens) was published, she dedicates her time only to writing. Her debut novel deals with the events at Maidan and the foreword was written by a famous writer and journalist Jurij Izdryk. The novel has received several literary awards, was welcomed by critics and translated into several foreign languages. In 2016 Amelina published a lovely book for children called Хтось, або водяне серце (Someone, or Water Heart) and the following year a science-fiction novel Дім для Дома (Home for Dom) about a family of a Soviet colonel who in the 90s lived in the house of the writer Stanisław Lem. The novel was nominated for a prestigious literary award LitAkcent 2017 in the category of prose.