Vratislav Maňák: …I Want My Stories To Breathe

Born in 1988 in Planá u Mariánských Lázní. He studied journalism and media studies at Faculty of Social Science, Charles University. Currently, he works as a TV reporter for the ČT24 news website. His publications are: Šaty z igelitu [Clothes Made of Plastic] (2011), Muž z hodin [The Clock Man] (2014), O Nebesáři [The Welkiner] (2016), Rubikova kostka [Rubik’s Cube] (2016), and Expedice z pohlednice [Postcard Adventures] (2016). He says: “I want to paint with words. It happens that I think about one sentence for three days straight. To find out how the words should be ordered, how they should follow each other. I want my stories to breathe.”