Weronika Gogola: The truth has a thrusting power

Born in 1988 in Nowy Sącz. Writer and translator, graduate of Ukrainian studies at Cracow's Jagiellonian University. She is based in Bratislava and has translated books by Maroš Krajňak and Ján Púček from Slovak into Polish. Having grown up in the village of Olszyny, she devoted her fiction debut to the place where she had spent her childhood. She was nominated for the “Nike” Literary Award and the “Gryfia” Polish Award for Female Writers for her novel Po trochu (“Piece by Piece”, 2017). “I decided – if I was ever to take up writing – I should do it in one-to-one ratio. No self-censorship. No fears. No hindrances. The truth has the largest thrusting power,” she says.